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Cosmetic dentistry, with a french flair®

Complete dental makeover in one week

  • Confidentiality
  • Appointments and treatment plan with Dr Toubol
  • A warm, caring and attentive team
  • Skilled practitioners in Occlusal Therapy
  • A daily monitoring
  • Privacy
  • No pain


High end dental makeover


Our aim is to organize for you a week of dental care as enjoyable as possible, and we guarantee that your treatment will be totally pain-free.

To achieve this, we have perfected the ImmediatSmile concept, which provides a series of services which are bound to make you forget any inconvenience during the treatment.

They are managed by a specialist company whose team has been chosen by us. They look after everything!

You will always be in contact during your treatment with a representative of our team. If necessary an interpreter will be at your disposal from the moment you arrive.

A magical week awaits you. We are here to organise an enjoyable week that will totally change your daily and professional life with a dazzling smile and a mouth in perfect condition.