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Dental crowns definition.

A dental crown is a dental prosthesis that rebuilds a damaged tooth to bring back its original shape, volume and color. It must fit the dental arch to improve masticatory effectiveness with the opposite teeth. This is called a well-adjusted occlusion. It is essential that the patient finds a total comfort from the placing. Indeed, this new system must not interfere with the initial comfort in the closing of the mouth. Do not leave your dentist’s chair until your comfort is complete, and until you feel the impression that nothing has changed in your mouth. Do not accept if your dentist says: “tomorrow you’ll be adapted” because that’s true, you’ll adapt, but you will also decrease the adaptability threshold of your mouth.

Today dental crowns are often (like in the case pictured below) almost entirely composed of ceramic; there’s no underlying metal which gave frequently that black line on contact with the gum. Strength and maximum aesthetic are thus respected.

Dental crowns before and after.

Patient n°1: Capping all the teeth in the mouth allows to correctly reposition the jaw in case of heavy wear, which requires a restoration to their initial shape.

Complete Mouth Restoration Dental Crowns


Complete Mouth Makeover

Rehabilitation 8 days late









Dental crowns for a a complete restoration of the two arches.

Before leaving the laboratory. (Completion: Harry Le










Patient n°2:

Worn Teeth

Excessive tooth wear

Bad Dental Occlusion

Occusal disorganization

Permanent teeth and a recovered smile

Temporary Veneers

Temporary crowns at the end of the first day of intervention (Completion: Stéphane Milleville)