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Cosmetic dentistry, with a french flair®

Look 10 years younger with veneers: a smile that will lift your whole face!


Dental Facelift with a french flair

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. (Phyllis Diller)

French facelift is a renowned cosmetic surgery intervention, but did you know about French Dental Facelift by dental pioneer and world renowned expert in cosmetic dentistry Dr Jean Pierre Toubol?

This is a new ground in cosmetic dentistry and anti-ageing.

A dental facelift will not only give you a perfect smile, it will also restructure the entire face which will look ten years younger.

What is dental facelift?

This complete smile makeover includes the skillful placing of veneers, full veneers, or crowns to fix crooked, broken, discolored, damaged or chipped teeth. The restorations will be used on upper and lower teeth to rebalance the dental occlusion but also to reshape the mouth, smile, and also the entire face.

Mouth ageing, as skin ageing, affects the whole framework of a face. Uneven teeth can ruin a smile, they can also make someone appear older, affecting the global postural balance and the whole body. For example, worn teeth from grinding, or jaw recession affects directly the area between nose and chin, therefore the lower part of the face drops. Dental facelift consists in restoring the ideal proportions of a face by fixing teeth. Indeed this makes the face look younger!

A dental makeover lifts the whole face: it plumps the cheeks, discretely lifts up the corners of the lips, softens the nasolabial folds (running each each side of the nose to the mouth), resculpts the cheek bones and restores the oval face shape.


French cosmetic dentistryQuestions and answers about dental facelift.

Is a dental facelift painful?

Certainly not. You will feel nothing with local anesthesia.

How long after a dental facelift do you notice the change?

You will be surprised by the changes to your overall appearance, and delighted with your new smile. Fuller lips, perfectly balanced face: our french dental facelift will instantly make you look younger.

How long does it take?

Within one week, with our Immediatsmile concept, you’ll enjoy a new dazzling smile, but also a 10 years younger face.