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Mrs O.P.’s testimonial

When I was young I used to admire on TV, in the magazines, these beautiful girls with such white, even teeth, with smiles so dazzling, movie stars smiles! And I was already dreaming of a perfect smile… Time goes by, and the idea of being able to smile perfectly becomes ever more important to me.

A year ago I became really aware of a worsening occlusion problem that was becoming serious enough to deform my face completely. The discomfort, the unsightliness, and my teeth that displeased me because of the worn enamel, led me to take the decision to consult a dentist.
He made a proposal concerning the six upper anterior teeth: ceramic crowns on these front teeth: the dentist seemed very sure of himself and of the result. He even showed me a calendar, or a toothpaste advert, so I could see the result of perfect teeth, that I should take as a reference. I didn’t understand how he was going to manage with the joint in order to fit these prostheses successfully. I wanted to understand, but the answers were those of somebody who was not in the least bothered by that, he was going to fix it by “filing that lower tooth, don’t worry, I’ll manage!”
I made an appointment and asked him what was going to happen: for the first session, “we devitalize the teeth”. I have forgotten about the other appointments – I only grasped one word: devitalization!

My disturbed nights began. The anxiety about killing my teeth gave me nightmares: my deformed jaw would not be sorted out, and everything seemed improvised. I did not feel confident. I cancelled my appointment at the last moment.
Then, thanks to a “chance” meeting with Isabelle, I thought about Dr. Toubol. I made an appointment and went to meet him in his Paris surgery.
The Parisian elegance of Dr. Toubol’s surgery, his personality and the kindness of his assistant gave me confidence.

Dr. Toubol was quite direct, saying that because of the occlusion, my face had two different halves. For him, it was not a problem to repair my jaw and give me a broad smile, that it was time to remedy the wear on my teeth, and it all had to be changed. It was no longer a matter of making do, it all seemed logical!
I had the feeling that he was imagining me with the treatment finished. When a professional has complete mastery, he knows straightaway what is required, and he can already see the result.
Very kindly, the doctor took the time to explain the procedure to me: my teeth would be preserved, and living. I was reassured that the integrity of my body would be respected, that the caps would be little jewels: he showed me some examples. It’s worrying if you’re not used to it, but it’s true that they are beautiful. I saw photos of his work: before & after. It makes you think! He also explained that that I wouldn’t feel any discomfort – I had difficulty believing it, because I am so sensitive to dental work …
He took measurements, and photos: the discrepancy between my teeth and my face was even worse than I had imagined – the lower jaw was completely off to one side. As they say, I was permanently “pulling a face!”

He prepared a prototype to show how it was possible – I had difficulty in believing that he could work miracles without an operation! A few days later I received an e-mail with the photos of my teeth on the articulator. I was dreaming. I went to Paris to see really how the work was going to be completed.

Dr. Toubol proposed to carry out the work as soon as possible. But I was still not quite mentally ready. And I was apprehensive. Then the idea of temporary teeth, which could not be avoided, worried me. But I was convinced.
Dr. Toubol told me that I would regret not doing it immediately, but he respected my decision. It was then May. I made an appointment in my head for the end of September.
The summer went by and I began to imagine myself with a dazzling smile. I even dreamed about it!
By the end of September I was ready. So was Dr. Toubol.
One Tuesday morning I went bravely to the surgery. Dr. Toubol was there, and put me at my ease while we talked. His impressive confidence helped me to relax. I trusted him, but there was already trust between us since the first meeting. I am so sensitive about anything to do with my mouth, and yet the gestures were made with such sureness, gentleness and firmness, in a word, with such professionalism, that I didn’t feel a thing – not a thing. I had a blindfold over my eyes to isolate me mentally, so I only heard some pleasant background music intended to help me to relax, and I was relaxed because didn’t feel anything.
We stopped for a break from time to time. As time passed my confidence increased. The understanding between him and his assistant, Isabelle, reassured me completely: they were a real team. The prosthodontist arrived. We stopped for lunch – I was entitled to a fruit compote!
After a rest, and when the prosthodontist had finished his work, we started again three hours later…
My daughter came to collect me at the end of the afternoon. She saw me with my temporary teeth, and her smile touched me. I looked at myself in a mirror, from a distance at first, then a little closer: my jaw was in place, my teeth were in the right place, and I liked myself. We were both happy – tired, but happy with the result.

Back home, although I hadn’t said anything, everybody thought there was something about me that made me look younger, and my son thought I must have had a face-lift to look so good!
On exactly 24th October my made-to-measure jewels were ready. In partnership with his prosthodontist, Dr. Toubol had fulfilled my dream. Dr Toubol chose the colour – my teeth were white, but natural, transparent, and my jaw was in place, and worked perfectly. I experienced a new comfort, although still tense. The freedom to smile without restraint has really changed my life. I am proud of this new face and its new freedom of expression, and of my smile that I instantly called my own.
Dr. Toubol was right: I have only one regret, that I didn’t do it before.
But I was lucky enough to meet a great professional who was able to listen to me and adopt my own rhythm. His likeable simplicity created an understanding between us. I told him once that in a way he was a god for me, and also a mother, because he contributed to my physical appearance and brought to life a woman who can smile at life without restraint.

Mr P.M.’s testimonial

Dr. J-P Toubol undertook the repositioning of my jaw by a perfectly-performed occlusal correction, following aberrant dental treatment carried out previously during a long period of about 20 years.
The quality of his work put an end to the dysfunctions and major disorders caused to my general posture and bodily dynamics.

Secondly, at my request he undertook the global reconstitution of my upper and lower anterior teeth, paying attention as much to the aesthetic aspect of the shape and whiteness of the teeth, as to their functions, which may appear obvious in theory but is much less so in practice and above all with regard to the results we set ourselves.

All this work was carried out without any pain, when much of it was implemented on living teeth, in astonishingly complete comfort due to the perfect control of the gestures made, which partially reconciled me with dentistry.
Finally, thank God, I thank Dr. Toubol, who was and remains a precious stone on my life’s path.