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Our team is specialized in quick smile makeover treatment, applying it to several hundred entirely satisfied patients for over 10 years.

We have developed set operational sequences which, in the majority of cases, allow us to envision the aesthetic or functional rehabilitation of your teeth in three totally painless sessions spread over a week, in complete comfort, leaving you with an entirely positive impression of the procedure (see testimonials).

A dental treatment is not always supposed to be long, or to involve numerous, unpleasant and painful appointments! Today dentistry has become a complex science, an integral part of medicine.

Dr. Jean-Pierre TOUBOL has devoted his professional career to develop a strict operational protocol in order to achieve results of a high level of excellence, both aesthetic and functional, virtually systematically, in just one week!

Complete smile makeover in one week

In order to treat you in the best conditions with maximum safety and guarantee you the very best dental care, it is necessary to get the detailed history of your general and dental state of health. To do so, we need you to provide us with a certain amount of information about any medical treatment you may have had or are undergoing, as well as the current condition of your teeth.

We will thus ask you to kindly complete the questionnaires you will subsequently be given. The Internet will allow us to communicate over a distance and make an initial estimation of your case, without commitment on either side.

Before that, however, we suggest you continue your visit of our site, to obtain a better appreciation of how we care for our patients.