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For orthodontic treatments, we use a dental alignment treatment with a series of clear, removable teeth aligners as an alternative to traditional metal dental braces. These dental alignement trays are virtually invisible as well as removable.

Veneers or transparent braces?

Here is the example of a patient who had healthy and fairly white teeth, but unfortunately dental alignment problems: the two lateral incisors created an unpleasant impression when this patient smiled.

His demand was precise: he wanted veneers to overcome this defects. Dr Toubol suggested an orthodontic treatment with transparent braces.
After a short hesitation he accepted the 6 months treatment.

Transparent aligners allowed to reorganize the dental arch, for a proper dental alignment.

The realignment of upper and lower teeth successfully avoided veneers that the patient wanted as its first choice.

invisalign before & after

The two lateral incisors create an unfortunate impression when this patient smiles.

invisible braces

Transparent aligners allows to reorganize the dental arch.

invisalign before & after

Realignment of upper and lower teeth, after a 6 months treatment: a healthy and natural smile.