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A whitening product is reserved for people who have healthy teeth: without composite fillings, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized from all tartar or stains. For this purpose, a check up to the dentist must be done to ensure the best result. There are two types of teeth whitening: in-office teeth whitening and tray-based teeth whitening.

How does the whitening product act?
It is important to know that human enamel, made of microscopically small prisms, is 98% mineral. The remaining 2% form the organic material, sealing the micro prisms amongst themselves and giving the more or less yellow color to the teeth. Because enamel, as such, is white like a sheet of paper. Therefore it is the discoloration of inter prismatic organic material that will restore the whiteness of your teeth and the product acts on this material, discolorating it.

teeth whitening

In-office dental bleaching:

It is performed by the dentist with highly concentrated products and a powerful lamp which activates the product. The period of time varies between 45 to 90 minutes depending on the product concentration. During the session, your mouth is being held open, still, and your eyes are protected from light by special glasses. The results are in most cases satisfying. However significant sensitivity of the teeth can occur for a few days. (A specific protocol before the use of this method informs you of its potential negative aspects and a disclaimer is presented for signature). On the other hand, during the 10 days following the treatment, drinking or eating coloring products (coffee, tea, chocolate, cola, wine, juices, etc…)

teeth whitening tray

Dental whitening with trays:

It is the same product than the product used for in-office whitening. Less concentrated, it will act in a more gentle way. It requires the same precautions than the previous one: control, removing the tartar, polishing and prior cleaning. Then your practitioner takes dental impressions to realize thin and transparent trays perfectly fitting your teeth. A kit containing syringes with the product and the instructions for use are given to you with the trays.

You will wear them filled with the product about two hours per day at appropriate times according to your activities. Your dentist assists you to define the initial shade and the desired shade. In some cases, we recommend this more gentle method for your teeth, whose sensitivity you can control yourself by slowing the rhythm of tray wearing sessions.

In either case, this sensitivity will disappear. It is only less important and less frequent with the tray whitening. Moreover, if your teeth take on color one or two years later, you’ll just need to remove tartar and start again, so keep your personal trays safe!

Whitenings do not act uniformly on all teeth. Results may be partial, on certain teeth, in patients previously treated with medication like tretracycline. Your dentist will correctly inform you.
It may be an issue that your case need both whitening and teeth straightening on the arch. Then we use rigid splints which will straighten the teeth involved and whiten them at the same time with the whitening product.