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These two realizations achieve excellent cosmetic results and excellent quality of physiological and gingival adjustment.

Veneers process.

How long does it take for a complete restoration with veneers or full veneers? Example of cosmetic dental treatment pathway, after agreement and perfectly informed consent:

  • Monday : Taking of dental impressions, x-rays, photos, and explanation of your treatment process.
  • Tuesday: Removal of existing prosthesis, preparation of your teeth, and placing of your temporary prosthesis.
  • Wednesday: Treatment of your gums and of some roots if necessary. As often as possible we keep teeth alive under the prosthesis, what ensures their longevity.
  • Thursday : Permanent teeth fitting.
  • Friday: Complete installation of your mouth and discovery of your smile in the mirror. (see testimonials)

Veneers Questions and answers.

Questions and answers about veneers and dental jackets.

Is it painful?

By no means. A perfect control of local anesthesia allows to treat an entire mouth in one teeth preparation session. After the intervention, a simple analgesic will eliminate any painful perception.

Do you have to make a root canal treatment?

Certainly not. In most cases, apart from very altered teeth, we keep teeth alive. This enables to maintain a natural gum without retraction and ensures the built-up tooth a near-final longevity.

What’s the difference between veneers and dental jackets?

A veneer covers the visible part of the tooth after a slight preparation. It is bonded to the tooth. A jacket covers the external part and the internal part such as a crown but without metal. It is intended for a tooth which has previously been treated with composite resin fillings and which can’t be reconstructed with a veneer.

Do you see the limit, like a dark gum line?

Not at all, because we no longer use underlying metallic structure. The gum of a living tooth adapts perfectly to ceramic. Its nature is strictly the same as that of human enamel.

Does it require a particular maintenance?

Take care of your mouth and of your new teeth exactly like your own teeth.

Veneers vs Lumineers?

Lumineers is a brand of porcelain veneers. Lumineers are thinner ceramic facets (0,3mm instead of 0,5mm), it is a non invasive method which requires a session to take dental impressions and another session to place the Lumineers. Their durability is the same as veneers, they’re also more transparent because they’re thinner. Thus they may not be appropriate for very colored teeth. Lumineers are bonded without any surface alteration directly on the enamel and this means teeth are in perfect condition underneath. Anyway this will make an extra thickness at the neck of the tooth. There are few appropriate cases and in terms of durability, they present the same inconvenients as veneers, related to the dental veneer glue that is used to bond them to the tooth: ageing and tarnishing.

Full veneers vs traditional veneers?

The dental jacket is a full veneer: it extends also on the insides of your tooth. Full veneers have a lifelong durability, which is not the case with veneers. A dental jacket or full veneer is more resistant, it will not age or tarnish because it is literally cemented to your tooth. When Teeth closing and other requirements do not allow to safely consider placing veneers, we choose full veneers. Dental jackets have also a lifelong durability, which is not the case with veneers.

Veneers vs Crowns?

Read more information in our page about dental crowns.

Veneers: how long do they last? Dental veneers lifespan.

Veneers last more or less than 10 years. Full veneers have a lifelong durability.

Dental veneers vs bonding?



Patient n°1

Root canal discoloration

Discolorations due to root canal and existing prosthesis mismatch.

reconstruction with dental Jackets

Restoration with dental jackets and teeth withening











Patient n°2

veneers before and after


veneers before and after

1 week later, dentals jackets on the upper teeth and veneers on the lower teeth











Patient n°3

poor tooth alignment

Misalignment and color causing shades gives an unaesthetic smile

Poor teeth alignment

Unaesthetic smile











veneers before and after

Bonded veneers and realignment of lower teeth

teeth makeover in 8 days

A perfect smile, 8 days later











Patient n°4

bad teeth withening

Color of teeth after teeth withening with no success

teeth whitening with veneers

Light-colored porcelain veneers at the patient’s request











Patient n°5

teeth transformation with dental jackets

A sensitive case

smile transformation with dental jackets

6 hours later: temporary teeth